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Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Trailer

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An all new adventure game packed with never-before seen Pokemon has launched ! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y presents an all new adventure in an all new breathtaking world . 

You'll be able to to go on your journey as a boy or girl , you can also change your look overall! Find a look that suits you and then set of on your travels!

Your adventure takes place in the expasive Kalos region,where you'll explore cities, meet people and encounter many Pokemon.Don't miss Lumiose City , the central hub of the region ,where you'll return many times on your journey .

Look for all new fairy-type pokemon (the first new pokemon type since dark and steel-type Pokemon were introduced almost a decade ago.) Fairy-type pokemon are super effective against dragon-type Pokemon, one such fairy-type pokemon is Sylveon , the evolved form of Eevee.

All new battle format are fun for new Pokemon players and Pokemon pros.Sky battles feature duels between Pokemon that can fly and horde encounters are massive competion where one of your Pokemon faces many wild Pokemon at once! these new modes will change every pokemon trainer.

in addition to new battle types , you can also can also care for your pokemon with the Pokemon-Amie feature. Feed , pet and play with your Pokemon to increace your bond .The more you play with your Pokemon the more friendly they'll become and preform in battle.

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